DJI Phantom 4 RTK SE


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DJI Phantom 4 RTK SE Combo

Compact and accurate low-altitude mapping drone

Compatible with DJI Terra, the 3D mapping software from DJI

1" CMOS sensor captures incredible detail

Updated controller includes built-in screen, pre-installed GS RTK application, built-in Micro SD card slot, built-in speaker, hot-swappable batteries and connectability to internet via 4G dongle.

What comes in the box with a Phantom 4 RTK SE

Aircraft x 1
Remote control with screen x 1
Propeller x 4 pairs
Intelligent Flight Battery x 2
Power adapter x 1
AC power cord x 1
65w portable charger x 1
WB37 Remote Controller Intelligent Battery x 1
WB37 battery charger x 1
Gimbal lock x 1
MicroSD Card x 1
Micro USB cable x 1
USB-C cable x 1
USB-C OTG cable x 1
Wireless network card x 1
Carrying case x 1