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Introducing the

DJI Agras T50

The newest agricultural drone from DJI. The Agras T50 has an anti-torsion structure, offering reliable operations. The integrated spraying system with a 10.5 gallon payload can be equipped with the optional orchard spray package or swapped with a spreading system with a spreading payload of up to 110 pounds.

*Only available for certain areas, please contact local dealers for details.

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Crop Analysis
Targeted Spraying
Conservation Planning
Water Management
Insurance Claims


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Farmers and Ag Producers
Commercial Applicators
Mapping and Crop Scouting
FAA Certification and Consulting

In Stock: The Agras T40

The Most Versatile Drone in the Business

Built for spraying, spreading, mapping and surveying, the Agras T40 is the future of modern agriculture. Incredible spread and spray loads thanks to a coaxial twin-rotor design. Dual spraying system, active radar and binocular vision, plus a host of other advanced features and amazing build quality.

110lb Spreading Payload
88.2lb Spraying Payload

Active Phased Array Radar +
Binocular Vision

Dual Atomized
Spraying System

Supports Flight Spraying/Spreading and RC Mapping

Core Modules IPX6K

EFI Generator
15% Fuel Saving

Magnetic Drive Impeller Pump

Corrosion-proof and ultra-durable: New magnetic transmission design isolates pesticide from the motor. Quick disassembly for easy cleaning.

Dual Atomized Centrifugal Sprinkler

Ensures even droplets and more efficient pesticide usage; proprietary centrifugal valve prevents leakage, avoids over-fertilization and reduces pesticide use while protecting the environment.

Massive Payload

Coaxial twin-rotor design increases capacity by 30% with a maximum payload of 110 pounds. Foldable design reduces size by 70% for greater portability.

360° Obstacle Sensing

Active phased array radar is incorporated with a binocular vision sensor system to provide 360° horizontal obstacle sensing and security. A detection distance of up to 164 feet allows for intelligent terrain following, smooth scaling and bypassing multiple obstacles.

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