About Us

Powerful Drone Technology for Ag Growers, Ag Producers and Farmers

Volitant Technologies is an authorized DJI drone dealer, providing aerial UAS/drone mapping, crop spraying and seeding, equipment sales, repairs and training for DJI ag drones. Located in the middle of the United States, we provide on-site service to ag growers, ag producers and farmers in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa and South Dakota as well as throughout the Midwest.

Because we are agricultural growers, business leaders, technology engineers, certified pilots and commercial chemical applicators, we understand the future demands on agriculture and the environment. We believe in the power of ag drone technology to help you achieve more efficient mapping, seeding and spraying, leading to higher yields, lower labor and chemical costs, lower carbon footprints and higher profitability.

Whether you are using precision farming for fruit and nut trees or crops such as corn and soybeans, our ag drones will help you reduce costs, enhance sustainability and increase yields.

Contact us to learn how we can help your operation at info@volitant.tech!